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Are you planning to alter the interior design of your home? If you have ignored pendant lighting, you are missing an accessory, which is swiftly returning into style. Apart from lighting your room, they add personality to its interior. Although you can use pendant lights in any room, you need to select the model depending on the overall design of the room as well as the height of its ceiling. The best part is that you can either put up a single pendant lighting fixture, or team up three or four of them to give a more dramatic effect to the room. Search online, you will find many stores selling these lighting fixtures and other home furnishings. However, you need to be selective before purchasing one or more of them. You need to consider the size of the room and the amount of illumination necessary. Pendant lights, basically, complement the other lights in the room. For example, hanging one of them over the dining table focuses extra light on the table. In fact, you can turn off the other lights in the room while dining and turn on turn on just this fixture for a dramatic effect.

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Planning the interior design of your room

You need to pay extra attention while altering the interior design of your room. Try to place furniture and other objects in such a way so that they provide you with maximum floor space, yet enhance the overall beauty of the room. An appropriate colour combination also plays a huge role in redefining the look of the room. Remember, natural lights or artificial ones, apart from illuminating a specific part of a room, reflects from the walls to shed light on the other parts of the room. Using a light shade of paint in your room increases the intensity of the reflected light. This might be ideal for the dining room or the living room. However, you should use darker shades in your bedroom to make its appearance comfortable. Always try to use two shades of the same colour in a room... one for the walls and the other for the ceiling. As regards lighting, you should position the light fixtures in such a way so that there is no dark area left in the room. Do not position lights above your dining chairs, as they will cast ugly shadows on faces. This is where pendant lights play a huge role... they provide adequate illumination without casting ugly shadows.

Hire a professional

When it comes to interior design or a remodelling project, one of the most important aspects is the lighting. Unfortunately, most people overlook this aspect while attempting to undertake the remodelling tasks on their own. It is too late by the time they realise their mistake and find shadows all over the room. Remember, natural light, in tandem with artificial lights play a huge role in making a room comfortable. Instead of trying the job by yourself, hire the services of a professional interior decorator and let him select the pendant lights too.